Frequently Asked Questions

The PK subdivision consists of 133 single family homes.

The PK By-Laws, Covenants and Plat are typically provided to homeowners at closing by the Title company. Residents can obtain copies directly from the Penncross Knoll website.

Non-residents or prospective homeowners may obtain a copy through Denise Price at PriceManagement Group, by sending an email request to

The PK HOA Board members can be contacted by accessing the Contact Us page.

The PK HOA Assessment Fee is collected annually, usually on or before April 1st of each calendar year. The Assessment Fee is collected from each HOA member in order to maintain a reserve, used to defray costs associated with the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the common areas within the subdivision. This may include landscaping costs of the shared green spaces, lighting and irrigation costs. The reserve may also be allocated for capital projects to renew or modernize the PK HOA properties, including the replacement of fencing, signage and landscaping.

Finally, the reserve is allocated to service fees necessary to operate the HOA, (e.g. accounting fees, legal fees). The PK HOA Treasurer produces an annual Budget, outlining the fund allocation and is approved by the HOA Board. The approved Budget, along with the previous year spend is distributed to the HOA members in February of each calendar year. In cases where an HOA member becomes delinquent in paying the Assessment Fee, a late fee will be levied that may accrue over time, until payment in full is received.

The Board may elect to pursue Legal recourse in collecting the delinquent Fee, at which point the HOA member will be responsible to pay additional collection costs, including Legal Fees. In cases where the HOA member is severely delinquent, the Board may impose a lien on the HOA member’s property.

It is the responsibility of each and every member of the HOA to be familiar with and abide by the PK HOA By-laws and Covenants. The policies and standards defined in the By-laws and Covenants were established to ensure the protection of property values of homes within the subdivision and the safety of residents using the common streets and green spaces within the subdivision. You can report any violation that you have observed by contacting Denise Price at Price Management Group, via email at Alternatively, you can contact the HOA Board directly by sending an email to

Certain improvements, such as installation of fences and detached structures, replacement of driveways or building facade need to adhere to the standards outlined in the PK HOA Covenants. It would be prudent to notify the HOA Board prior to the commencement of such improvements to ensure adherence to the HOA covenants. If an HOA member is found to be in violation of the PK HOA By-Laws and Covenants, the member will be notified and will be responsible for all costs associated with the resolution or reversal of said violation.

Section 9 of the Penncross Knoll HOA Covenants & Restrictions strictly forbids extended storage of camping trailers, boats, tractors, Motorcycles, water crafts, trailers or other vehicles of any type, temporarily or permanently on any Lot, except in enclosed garages:

  • Section 9. Recreational Vehicles. Camping trailers, boats, tractors, trucks, motorcycles, mobile homes, snowmobiles, personal water craft, trailers, or other vehicles of any type whatsoever shall not be stored, permanently or temporarily, on any Lot in Penncross Knoll, except in an enclosed garage. Notwithstanding the foregoing, camping trailers, boats and mobile homes may be parked for loading/unloading purposes; said vehicles may be parked for a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours within seven (7) day period.

It is the responsibility of each HOA member to maintain the condition of their property. Section 6 of the PK HOA Covenants states:

  • Section 6. Condition of Property. No weeds, underbrush, or other unsightly growths, shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any Lot and no refuse pile or unsightly object shall be allowed to be placed or maintained on any of the Lots. Trash, garbage, or other waste shall not be kept except in sanitary containers which must be properly maintained. No trash, garage, or other waste shall be stored, kept, or maintained anywhere except within the Dwelling Units or the garages on each of the Lots, except on such days as such trash, garbage, or other waste material is to be collected and removed.

Observed violations can be reported to Denise Price at Price Management Group, via email at Alternatively, you can contact the HOA Board directly by sending an email to

The streets within the PK subdivision are shared among all the residents. Each HOA member must be courteous to their neighbors and are responsible for the way their guests park on the street. This includes no parking on the driveway where vehicles block sidewalk traffic, vehicles parked in the wrong direction and vehicles blocking access to driveways, mailboxes and fire hydrants. Additionally, vehicles parked on both sides of the street creating a single lane access, impeding two-way traffic should be avoided. Such violations may be reported to Denise Price at Price Management Group, via email at Alternatively, you can contact the HOA Board directly by sending an email to