248th Avenue Road Improvement Project Update

The noise wall analysis for 248th Avenue between 95th and 103rd streets has now been completed and is available on the project website at naperville.il.us/248th-avenue/.

We need to rally with the City of Naperville to request that it reconsider its decision on not providing a sound wall to the Penncross Knoll subdivision on the pretext of the sound study that we did not meet the criteria by 1 decibel.

For Penncross Knoll residents who live alongside 248th avenue and received notice from the City of Naperville, this will be the final opportunity to make your voices heard. Over the past several months, the Penncross Knoll HOA have gone the distance with the Mayor and the City Planners with numerous meetings and several back and forth on emails and it is up to us now, the residents, to make an impact.

Please show up on September 8th at 7 PM to make any case in our favor.

Viewpoints meetings will be held at the Naperville Municipal Center at 400 S. Eagle St. on Thursday, September 8th, at 5 pm and at 7 pm. The 5 pm meeting is for residents who live south of the Tall Grass Greenway, and the 7 pm meeting is for residents who live north of the Tall Grass Greenway. Following the meetings, noise walls will be constructed in areas where 50% or more of the residents vote in favor. Only residents who live along 248th Avenue are eligible to vote.

The 248th Avenue project aims to improve the portion of 248th Avenue that runs from 95th Street to 103rd Street. The goal of the project is to create a better driving experience for motorists, as well as better recreational experiences for both bicyclists and pedestrians. Construction is tentatively expected to begin in 2026 and last for approximately 12 months.

Visit the project website for more information. Questions may be directed to Project Engineer Ray Fano at (630) 305-5534 or fanor@naperville.il.us.