The City Hall meeting concluded today to discuss the 248th Avenue sound wall. The City project engineers gave a technical presentation around the noise analysis and design parameters.
Penncross Knoll HOA sent letters to the residents with homes along the 248th Avenue. These homes would be directly impacted by the future traffic projected with the expansion.
Only two residents living at 3363 Hollis Circle and 3367 Hollis Circle were present to voice their concern.

As the President of the Penncross Knoll subdivision, I questioned the noise study and put a case to demand for a correction to the 2050 traffic projections for the noise analysis. The point was also emphasized that with the future traffic generator, the reflective noise effect of the sound walls across the street and the 4 lane traffic, it would be extremely unfair to the residents to deny our homes of the sound wall. A request was made that the City reconsider their decision and provide approval to the sound walls for the Penncross Knoll subdivision.

Oct 4 is scheduled to be the FINAL day when the City Council will hear from residents who live alongside 248th avenue warranting the need for a noise wall. For the record, this is our last chance to make your voices heard. The impact to such discussions at the City level are greater where affected residents are involved.

A final plea to the residents living at the following addresses to show up at the Oct 4th meeting at City Hall (Naperville Municipal Center at 400 S. Eagle St.) and express your concerns.

3444 Lapp Lane
3359 Hollis Cir
3363 Hollis Cir
3367 Hollis Cir
3371 Hollis Cir
3375 Hollis Cir
3387 Hollis Cir
3391 Hollis Cir
3439 Hollis Cir
3443 Hollis Cir

The noise wall analysis for 248th Avenue is available on the project website at

Kajal Pal