First of all, Thank you everyone for coming out in large numbers and casting your ballots. We saw a record turn-out at the Penncross Knoll HOA elections that has never been seen before.

It’s been 10 days since the elections and I want to take the opportunity to introduce the newly elected Penncross Knoll HOA Board.
President – Kajal Pal
Vice President: Ramesh Thumu
Treasurer: Lee Chow
Secretary: Kristi Bloedorn
Member-at-Large: Jeff Horwath

The newly elected board has been working long hours getting upto speed with all matters of the community. I am glad to be working along such a motivated and committed group.

As members of the Board, we are bound to certain fiduciary obligations towards the community. It is part of our job to examine the issues surrounding our association and find ways to resolve them while simultaneously upholding our bylaws. Some of the tasks we are expected to do include but are not limited to covenant and rule enforcement, dues collection, homeowner communications, vendor management, capital projects, assessments and dispute resolution.

Key priorities the new Board is actively working on.
1. Focus on Responsiveness
2. Improving content on future Newsletters
3. New email address for residents to contact the HOA
4. Digitization via the Penncross Knoll website
5. Transitory knowledge from previous board
6. Developing cadence with the offices of property management, attorney/legal, landscaping and maintenance firms and content management point of contacts

There is a lot more work to be done in terms on capital expenditure projects on beautification of our community and protecting our property values where we will seek your support and involvement.

We look forward to serving you with honesty and integrity.
Kajal Pal