Penncross Knoll residents – The ICN Engineering lead has provided the following update. Please be aware.

“Quick update on construction impacts to the trail.

Most of our dewatering was completed a few weeks ago. We may need to do additional dewatering if we have excessive rain.

Our next item of work is our storm sewer connection. We will be crossing the easements north of our property and crossing the trail late next week or early the following week. The impact to the trail will be minimal. We expect the trail to be kept open at all times, except for maybe a couple 1-2 hour periods where we will be cutting and patching the actual trail pavement. We will have a route for people to walk or ride around during the time we are working on the trail itself. We will also provide a steel plate or similar item to cover the cut in the actual trail and provide signage during construction. The entire process will be less than a week long. Once complete, the trail will be restored to match existing conditions.

Anees Rahman
Islamic Center of Naperville

From: Penncross Knoll of Naperville
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 8:34 PM
Subject: Penncross Knoll – New Announcement!

Hello Kajal Pal,

Update from ICN team
Hello residents,

Earlier today evening, I was informed from the ICN engineering lead that there is some dewatering of the site happening and some water is getting over to the walking trail. The contractor has assured that the water is filtered so it’s clean. It’s just rain water and does not pose any environmental issues.

This work should be complete in another couple of days and there are signs alerting any pedestrians using the trail at this time.

Please bear in the interim for any inconvenience.


Kajal Pal